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Bommerang Interconnection System born with the objective of investigate and develop new pioneering technological products in the field of applied hydraulics. Headquartered in Lleida (Spain), has facilities of 1000m2 of engineers, designers, mechanics and manufacturers with a high knowledge result of 10 years of professional experience in the company Lleida Tracció Technology.
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Boomerang has developed a hydraulic and interconnected suspension system, designed to separate the dynamic response of each movement on the vehicle, such as pitch, roll and the vertical movement, thereby preventing the variation of the center of mass while driving.
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The independence on the control of each parameter allows a The independent on the control of each parameter type allows a considerable increase in comfort, safety and performance of the vehicle. It removes the need to equip the vehicle with supporting elements, such as springs, steel springs or air bags, and stabilizing elements are also omitted. It also facilitates access to disabled people.

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